Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eberhard Schoener - Bali Agúng - 1975


gamelan man said...

I had this on an old's a wonderful and underrated krautrock
delerium with this very strange balinese sounds, such as Residents records, strange synths melodies
and suspended meditative echoes.
A really original record, never
heard another one like this!

thanks a lot!!
gamelan man

Anonymous said...

A TREASURE - unfortunately it is DEAD! El morto!

Anonymous said...
updated link. hope you didnt have to wait a year dude.

Anonymous said...

I still have the LPs which i treasured, mainly Bali agung and Trans-Formation, they opened my mind to all kind of Music and Fusion. In the 90ties when CD were hype but such rare music was not published because too uncommercial, I wrote Eberhard Schoener a letter and he sent me a personal CD! How I treasure it. Pitty noone talks about this today with all this silly music forces into brains by MTV, Eurovision & the like... Schoener is a true artist and a must for serious collectors of even more serious music ^^

Anonymous said...

thanks dude- this is great. its nice to see that not all links in all blogs are dead - i lament the decline of blogs in favor of rutracker etc. it just doesn't feel the same.