Sunday, March 2, 2008

V.A.- Musiques De L'O.N.F / Music of the N.F.B. - 1977

Fastidiously experimental electro-acoustic music produced for films and animations at the National Film Board of Canada between 1952-1971 including works by Norman Mclaren made by scratching directly onto film. Originally released on vinyl in 1977, now available as a 2CD set.

Maurice Blackburn/Norman McLaren-Blinkety Blank
Norman McLaren-Rythetic
Gabriel Charpentier-La Coute Echelle
Eldon Rathburn-Canon
Maurice Blackburn-Christmas Cracker
Pierre Mercure-La Forme Des Choses

Maurice Blackburn-Jour Apres Jour,
Norman McLaren-Neighbors
Gilles Tremblay-Dimension Soleils
Alain Clavier-Metadata.

Disc 1
Disc 2


Anonymous said...

First of all I'm very thankful to all the members who take the time to upload music and link it to this blog.

But as a friendly suggestion, why not use a file hosting service that doesn't require 90 minute waits between downloads (as rapidshare does)?

Especially if the album is split into multiple discs/records. or are two nice alternatives.

Lamaraba said...

i've had some problems with your suggested hosts. i've heard of rapidshare being slow but i have not experienced that myself. thanks for the suggestion and i will keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

amazing album! thanks for the great post!

la part said...

Hi, thanks for this post. I am actualy working at the NFB and we've been looking for this vinyl for a long time now... It's lost somewhere in NFB's oblivion...

You're saying that it is avalaible on cd, but I can't get a hold on it.

la part said...

Found it here :

la part said...

To hear the music in context :

la part said...

Sorry, here's the good link :

Anonymous said...

this has been taken offline. can you please re-upload it? i'm desperate.