Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cowboys International - The Original Sin - 1979

Dennis MacKay - Producer
Laurence Diana - Engineer
Ken Lockie (minor role in PiL) - Vocals
Evan Charles - Piano
Terry Chimes (The Clash) - Drums
Rick Jacks - Guitar
Jimmy Hughes - Bass
Keith Levene (PiL) - Guitar
(missing track: Aftermath)
re-link soon


Anonymous said...

Very underrated and special album by Cowboys International

Unisphere said...

Great post!

I thought album this originally had 11 tracks, with track number 6 being "Aftermath"?

Your zip file seems to be missing this song.


LAMARABA said...

sorry, missing Aftermath. re-link soon.

Anonymous said...

i WISH a repuload soon for this great forgotten album! .-)

Anonymous said...

updated link: