Monday, August 10, 2009

William Onyeabor

Atomic Bomb (cassette)
Side A
Side B


Anonymous said...

Hey Mate,
Thanks for the William Onyeabor tape. The first track on Side A is Roy C Hammond's track titled Don't Blame the Man

i don't care said...

These files are of a slightly better recording than the other ones floating around, but there are some problems with this album. The first and last 3 tracks aren't even by William Onyeabor (though they're pretty good anyway) and Better Change Your Mind fades out 4 minutes early. This is also missing a full song from Atomic Bomb called Shame. Still, thanks for the songs.

LAMARABA said...

this tape was purchased at a music shop in Ghana by a friend of mine. I don't think it's a proper release of the Atomic Bomb album. Most likely a boot. It doesn't even have his name on it anywhere but a great cassette nonetheless. i just ripped it as is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this!

dailyleftover said...

made a tribute to him, check it