Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ashes 2 Ashezzz... (((Blown Away)))

fm home boiz series vol. 4

this one 4 Piper i think

Tome Previte & Keny Francis - On My Mind (AZ)
James-Bruce Band - Blown Away (San Diego, CA)
Michael Stone & Roots - Thunder In The Wind (Wisconsin)
Hoodlum Priest - Full Moon On Bacon Street (San Diego, CA)
Foxworthy & The Roaring Lyon Band - Borrego (San Diego, CA)
Tokamak - Shook (Reno, NV)
Sunburst - Special Lady (Central Kentucky)
Marvin Franklin with Kimo and the Guys - Kona Winds (Oahu, HI)
Troubleshooter - Ballad of a Wedding Band Member (Greater St. Louis, MO)
Short Stuff - Without Her (Milwaukee, WI)
The Senders - Skin Tight (Reno, NV)
Steve Slaysman - L.A., You're A Killer (Los Angeles, CA)
Jim P. Striegel - Hawaiian Time (coke throat valley, aloha)
Ben Cummings - Why Me (South Dakota)


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j. darrah said...

good god, the world is shrinking!
thanks man (for letting me have the record), haha