Monday, August 6, 2012

Masterpiece Theatre Vol. 2 - VISION 20/20

 FM HOME BOIZ vol. 7, MPT vol. 2: Progressive & Melodramatic Pop

 ... for HG Boiz...past, present, & future...cuz nobody else seems to be able to get it right these days 

also big Happy B-Day to the man Will Louviere 

Rare Summer - New York (Central Kentucky, 1979)
Slaves By Trade - Look Once, Look Twice (Reno, 1987)
Chronicles - Little Wings (Philadelphia, 1981)
Vesuvious - Dream Of Youth (Chicago, 1977)
Nathan Shaffer (Buster) - Thank You (Chicago, 1977)
George Kidera - Dreamin (Wisconsin, 1981)
Scott Riedasch & Jeff Kain - Out My Window (Wisconsin, Mid 70's)
Johnny Schott - The Watcher (Ohio, 1976)
Aaron Dizzy - Looking For A Planet (excerpt) (OH, 1979)
Wizard - Blind Man (Pittsburgh, 1980)
Apocalypse - Hoovite Landing  (OH, 1976)
Easter Island - Life Celebration (Louisville, KY, 1978)
Aaron & Rena' Notar - Dreams Do Come True (Louisville, KY, 1981)

Mush - She Told Me (Central Valley/Fresno, 1977)
K.D. Ryzer - Gotta Have Love (Montgomery, Alabama, 1983)


Nite School said...

where u 4m??????????

Anonymous said...

is it possible to get the tracklisting plz ?

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CLARK said...

yeah, this is really killer

Anonymous said...

This is great; how come I cant seem to download it? I need to hear this while I'm outside!