Sunday, December 2, 2012


FM HOME BOIZ vol. 12 Year End Battle of The Bands LIVE IN CONCERT Grant Maloy - I'm A Loaded Gun (JB 105 Southern New England 1981) Rat Race Choir - Struck By Lightning (WDHA 105.5 NJ Rock New Jersey 1982) LP - She Was A Dancer (WLPX 97.3 Wisconsin 1981) Cheater - Ten Cent Love Affair (Buffalo Rocks Vol 1 97 Rock NY 1981) Cadillac Kidz - Tears (WLLZ Motor City Rocks III Detroit 1985) Timbre - Hands KOZZ 105 Homegrown Reno, NV 1983 Rokway - Don't Be Serious (KLOS 95 1/2 Rock To Riches So Cal 1983) The Wait - My Baby (Stroh's Superstar Talent Search 97.7 KWIN Stockton 1985) commercial break: Mark Kinnamon - I Luv Louavull Ronn Price - Woman Why Lie (QFM 96 Columbus Ohio 1982) Da Boyz - Tongue-Tied (99FM IZD West Palm Beach FL 1982) Rich Keen And Judith Durzo - Me And You (QFM 96 Columbus Ohio 1985) bonus cut Travis Lane - Rock & Roll Star (KDKB AZ) SEE YA NEXT YEAR


jeremy said...

Rock 2 Riche$. Not sure I would want to hear even one of these songs live!

CLARK said...

Oh man, another winner. This one's a beast. Solid 2k12.