Thursday, April 3, 2008

Otis G. Johnson

Some previous owner typed in the iTunes genre: "Mad Loner Jesus Soul with Drum Machine Moves Like WHAT"

Giving the MIDDLE FANGA to the psych mafia, hidden forum moderators, Danish chatroom soul-lords, label-tearin'-ass bitches and all that BOOlshit

"'Everything' - God Is Love '78" (1978)

"Receive The Power (Holy Spirit)" (1979) ...peep the David Schwan songs. Like, what the fuck?


Anonymous said...

the truth

Anonymous said...


alphabet said...

Niiice!!!! Thanks a bunch

Leo said...

Please reupload "Everything"!

Anonymous said...

Much gratitude forthis post - especially the RTP, oTis ruling the joint!!


Pablow said...

Hey mate can you please re-up "Receive The Power (Holy Spirit)" !! PRETTY PLEASE, much love Kris