Sunday, April 27, 2008

White Boy & the Average Rat Band (1981)

What's up, freaks! Here's my all-time fave teen suburban hesher holding court in his mom's Virginia basement.

The "Rat Band" was a smoke screen for a genius one-man-band-loner too embarrassed to debut solo. The other feather-heads were just recruited for the cover shot.

White Boy, motherfucker! ROCK IT!


j. darrah said...

when's the re-issue comin' out will?!

Anonymous said...

hey is Mr. Ott still in prison?

lovefingers said...

roy wilbur ott?

Anonymous said...

I've known the White Boy and all of the rats for over 30 years... In fact, I got the opportunity to jam with the White Boy for about 3 hours last night... Time keeps on tickin'...

A said...

The reissue can be found here:

Title: s/t
Format: LP
Label: Roach
Country: USA
Price: $18.00
"Reish of heavy & fuzzed out Acid Archive proto metal jammer that will satisfy Heshers & Rockers alike. Word has always been this masterpiece is the work of a lone duder from Virginia yet cover has 4 bad asses spoiling for a rager. Sure sounds like a one man frenzy, but who knows for sure? Kenneth Higney gets some Schenker chops & becomes a fixture at Lamour where he functions as gangbang meat for Meanstreak. Yeah! How could you not be fucking stoked? Edition of 400 copies." - Roach. "This is stretching the limits of the Archives here -- its a 1980s and sounds much closer to the kind of post-punk hard rock that got college airplay in the late 80s than it does like anything else reviewed on this website. That said, its speedy not-quite-metal hard rock with a pulverizing distortion sound (to call it fuzz guitar is to understate it by a mile). One song is acoustic, but mostly this is just in-your-face blitzkrieg, and its really great." - Aaron Milenski, Acid Archives. Not related to White Boy on Doodley Squat. Highly recommended!