Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Atomic Bomb," William Onyeabor (1978)

This guy had something on David Byrne's Love's A Real Thing thing.

Git it!


Kevin said...

This looks amazing! I have recently found your blog, and it is one of my favorites. Lots of rare stuff that I haven't found on other blogs. I have a blog called Eclectic Grooves that features a wide assortment of mainly out-of-print albums, mixes and live shows.

Please let me know if you'd like to exchange links.

Cheers, Kevin

Anonymous said...

greatest album ever

tpot said...

glad to finally find a full album by Onyeabor. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rip. Does anyone have any more songs by William Onyeabor? So far, in addition to Atomic Bomb, all I have found is a few scattered mp3's here and there. I have "when the going is smooth and good", "something you'll never forget', "love me now", "body and soul", and "better change your mind". I also came across some samples from the 'tomorrow' LP from an ebay auction, but I have searched all over and am coming up empty.

Dopio Regresso said...

Thanks so much! This guy is the ruler for sure, he's blowing my brain apart right now for sure.

Anonymous said...

there is some more onyeabor music here:

and here:

Tiko BreT said...

So many thanks !!
I'm looking for this for a while !

Anonymous said...

great :))

thank you


Wilbur said...

Wow, I would bugger you senseless if you were within reaching distance.